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Online personalised Etiquette and Life skills coaching

This is a monthly 5day online course for those who desires short courses.

It’s exciting to introduce time-honoured courtesies that rebuild self confidence and social graces
Showing consideration for others will never go out of style and achieving a dignified and self-controlled manner will put you ahead of the rest.


Brainy Book Club for Children (BBC)

New service-Brainy Book Morning (BBM) for children between the age of 6years to16years.Brainy Book Morning is an initiative of Brainy Age Consult with the aim to create love for books and a positive attitude towards reading. This will bring out creativity in our children . The book club will provide books that the children will read and discuss in a fun, flexible and relaxed environment. A place where natural discussion can take place that would lead to inquiry and critical thinking. It would provide diverse response to texts and help the children build their own library with the books provided. the book club would indirectly also work on the grammar, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and creative writing would also encourage social interaction. It will hold every 1ST and 3RD Saturdays of the month and starting in January 2020.


Protocol & Etiquette Training

Lack of courtesy, good manners and cross-cultural relationships both in personal and official environment serves  as an inspiration for our team to invest in transforming individual’s social and leadership skills in order to create a positive  environment for all.

Teen Coaching

Our growing teens are no doubt precious gifts parents would want to see happy and confident in their daily lives. We coach them on: Entrepreneur skills | Leadership skills | Life Style | Communication and Social skills | Peer pressure- bullying, drug abuse | Health related issues such as sexual abuse, diseases.

School Setup

We offer guidance in setting up a school properly: Erecting  standard school building | Equipped class room and other related learning room | Recruiting and employment of qualified staff | Marketing.

Train the Trainer

For par excellence, instructors are required to be trained often in order to meet up with the change in the world , therefore reinforcing what they have  to meet the needs of the organization they find themselves.

School Resources

We help schools with providing necessary school materials to suit their curriculum and activities

Curriculum Guidance

We work with schools in choosing from different curricula; emphasis on what to teach and how to deliver.