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About Brainy Age

Welcome to BrainyAge Consult

At Brainy Age Consult, it is our aim to bridge the gap in the education sector in the country  using a blend of real life learning, cross cultural awareness and interactive trainings that prepares the individual for diverse growth opportunities.

Our company is a social enterprise that is duly registered in Nigeria which is focused on achieving sustainable change in the education.

BAC is clearly set up with a focus on learning, teaching strategies and resources to support learners in their environment and activities.

Our courses ranges from etiquette and protocol,life skills and values, entrepreneurship, communication and Teens class.

Our Vision

To be renowned for excellence in teaching and content delivery

Our Mission

To discover and nurture potentials through a holistic approach; building up individuals that would fit in the society with ease and poise.

Core Values

Brainy age consult (BAC) is a firm that encourages positive culture and committed to diversity.

Able to consider different possibilities and new ideas in content delivery

Work well and produce good result using available resources in the most effective way.

Strong desire that is geared toward a creative process with a sense of confidence